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Artistry In Motion, Inc.® is the premier supplier of special effects confetti, streamers and confetti cannons to the entertainment industry worldwide. We have a wealth of show-based knowledge that we combine with a strong customer service ethic and professional response to satisfy our clients' special effect confetti and streamer needs. We customize confetti effects for every imaginable occasion, client or venue. We sell or rent our full line of proprietary equipment (BigBlaster™, MiniBlaster™, BigShots® Cannons, two sizes of the Silent Storm®, and Champagne Blast®) to meet the needs of our diverse client base and we provide professional staffing of events, as requested. With the ability to respond to virtually any confetti or streamer requirement within 24 hours, there simply isn't a special effect confetti or streamer challenge we can't handle.

Customer Service

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® has a unique customer service approach within the confetti special effects industry. Our focus is on meeting our client's needs consistently year after year. Our extensive sales staff is experienced in every aspect of confetti and streamer special effects. Whether it's materials selection, effect creation, equipment support, development or installation, Artistry In Motion, Inc.® can help guide you through your evaluation process to conclude with an optimal effect for your event.

Unlike any other U.S. based confetti supplier in the industry, we stock hundreds of thousands of pounds of raw materials and we have the unique internal ability to manufacture our own confetti and streamer products, rather than sourcing them from overseas. As a consequence, we can fill any order precisely to our client's specifications. This means if you want 2,000 pounds of pink and yellow butterflies by next week - you get them! All of our confetti and streamer orders are custom made. This enables our clients to select the precise color combination and shape (or streamer length and width) they want - each and every time they order.

Simply said, we pride ourselves on making sure our clients receive top value for their special effects expenditures. We stand ready to assist in any way we can and have a wealth of knowledge to assist you in your decision making process as well as effect execution

Products and Services

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® boasts a large proprietary product offering of confetti, streamers, and confetti cannons to facilitate virtually any desired confetti or streamer special effect. Our confetti cannons are designed for long-term reliable performance and are considered the industry standard. Confetti cannons which have been designed and developed by Artistry In Motion® include the BigBlaster™, MiniBlaster™, BigShots® Cannons, Wireless BigShots®, two sizes of the Silent Storm®, and Champagne Blast®. Our confetti and streamer products are manufactured in the U.S. and are custom manufactured for each and every application. This approach ensures that every effect has precisely the color, material and mix best suited for our client's event or occasion. Other products include proprietary custom die cut confetti shapes, CleanFree™ water soluble confetti and streamers, custom foam products and much more. Most, if not all, of our confetti and equipment products are U.S. Patent or Copyright protected.

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® has a staggering list of confetti and confetti cannon firsts, including: CleanFree™ Confetti and Streamers, Technoflek™ Confetti, Double Rolled Streamers, SkyWords™ Imprinted Confetti, Specialty Die Cut Confetti Shapes, as well as our focus on custom made orders. From an equipment perspective the BigShots® Cannon, the BigBlaster™ and the MiniBlaster™ led the way to other successful product developments, including the Champagne Blast™ Cannon and the highly regarded Silent Storm™. Combined with our other standard products, our branded equipment is an unbeatable line-up of high quality, reliable products that deliver precisely the effect intended.

Our service offering ranges from custom effect development, custom equipment development and installation to show staffing at virtually any venue around the world. Our trained technicians can act as members of your staff to provide the on-site expertise needed to make sure your confetti or streamer special effect is performed precisely to your vision, or we can provide complete turn-key service and provide every element of the confetti or streamer special effect.

Contact us byemail or call us at 818-994-7388