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At Artistry in Motion ®, we work tirelessly to help you achieve the precise confetti or streamer special effect that you want to see performed at your event. Our unique customer service approach sets us apart from every other company in the industry. If you have a specific vision, our experienced sales staff has the expertise required to help you achieve any custom confetti or streamer effect. Our staff can help you select the right materials, identify the right confetti cannons and work with you to develop custom confetti and streamer products and delivery systems. From confetti and streamer cannon support and installation to full-service event staffing, we will guide you through every step of the evaluation and execution process to ensure that you achieve the maximum effect at your event.

Unlike most other confetti suppliers in the U.S., we stock hundreds of thousands of pounds of raw materials on site, so we have the unique ability to turn around custom confetti products in a short timeframe. Because we don't need to source our products overseas, we can fill any client order to exact specifications in a very short period of time. This ability enables Artistry in Motion, Inc. ® to offer clients the exact combination of confetti colors and shapes or streamer length and width that's desired.

We take pride in our ability to offer clients flexibility and value for their special effects budgets. We are always available to walk client's through the decision making process. From choosing the right materials and equipment to on-site event support, we will help your special effects celebration vision become a reality.

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