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Made in the U.S.A.

At Artistry In Motion, Inc.®, we manufacture all of our confetti and streamer products in our Northridge, California facilities. Our quality standards and customer service approach dictate that we source the predominance of our confetti raw materials stateside. With our commitment to meeting our clients' needs, it is imperative that we have complete control over our raw materials supply chain, quality and reproducibility. Variations in the quality or color of our products, from our paper streamers to biodegradable confetti, is not tolerated - we simply won't let an inferior or abnormal product make it into our clients possession and we know our clients rely on us to meet this standard of excellence without fail. With Artistry In Motion, Inc.® you can be assured of the following:

  • We manufacture all of our confetti and streamer products in our Van Nuys, California facilities. This allows us to maintain compliance within our strict quality control programs.
  • We source all of our tissue raw material from US mills to assure premium quality, color continuity and availability.
  • We source the majority of our PVC based streamer product materials stateside.
  • All incoming raw materials go through a rigid receiving inspection to assure compliance with drawings and quality standards and all products being shipped to a client are inspected to assure compliance with all Artistry In Motion, Inc.® material and workmanship standards.

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