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Let Artistry In Motion, Inc.® assist you in selecting the appropriate confetti or streamer shape, size, color and material in order to create your desired confetti or streamer effects. You can select from a wide variety of confetti shapes and colors. We also offer metal streamers, paper streamers and biodegradable streamers.

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of all types of confetti and streamers. Many of our unique confetti shapes have even been patented! We manufacture all of our confetti and streamer products at our factory in Van Nuys, California.


All of our products, unless otherwise noted, are flame resistant and are appropriate for use on a stage or in a theater. While we sell a significant amount of standard shapes, sizes and colors of both confetti and streamers, we frequently sell custom shapes, sizes and colors of all of our confetti and streamer products.

The first selection you need to make is to decide if you are interested in Confetti, Streamers, or Party Supplies

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