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Streamers are long, thin strips of material which are typically fired from one of our streamer cannons, either the Big Shots® Double Barrel Cannon, the Champaign Blast®, the Handheld Cannon, or the Disposable Handheld Cannon.  These cannons can be positioned well above an audience or stage, creating a “waterfall” effect with the streamers, or they can be positioned on the ground, creating a fountain effect.  Either way, streamers can be used to create a spectacular visual effect accenting a special moment in your show. When a quick and easy clean-up is required, streamers are a logical first choice.Streamers

Streamer Types

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® manufactures three distinct types of streamers: Single Rolled, Double Rolled, and Imprinted. Single Rolled Streamers, our basic product, are made of a single roll of streamer material wound tightly and packaged into one of our speed-load sleeves. Double Rolled Streamers are two streamers, typically one tissue streamer and one PVC streamer, rolled together and packaged into one of our speed-load sleeves. We also manufacture single rolled streamers that have been imprinted with our client's name or logo. Streamer Types

Streamer Sizes

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® manufactures standard size streamers using either 0.5" or 1" wide streamers 18 feet in length. While these standard sizes work extremely well for most uses, we do make custom width and length streamers for specific applications. Generally, larger venues require wider streamers to make the streamers more visible for the audience. If different lengths or widths of streamers are required to create a special effect in your venue, please make sure to give us a call to discuss your need for custom streamers. Streamer Sizes

Streamer Accessories

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® sells a number of accessory products that aid in the effective use of our streamer products. These accessories include CO2 cartridges for our handheld cannons, pressure caps for all of our cannons, lifting cups, and tape. Streamer Accessories

We sell two types of CO2 cartridges, threaded and non-threaded. Our Reusable Handheld Cannon requires a 16 Gram threaded CO2 cartridge. Our Disposable Handheld Cannon uses a 12 gram non-threaded CO2 cartridge.

We highly recommend the use of our pressure caps for all cannons. We sell pressure caps for 1", 2" and 3" barrels. After confetti or streamers are loaded into a barrel, a pressure cap is taped to the end of the barrel using our black paper tape. The cap and tape create an airtight seal. When the cannon is fired, the pressure inside the barrel builds until the cap or tape bursts, releasing the confetti or streamers. The use of the pressure caps prevents the gas from blowing by the confetti or streamers and helps the load to be expelled completely and compactly. Additionally, the caps hold the product in the cannon barrel for ease of use and downward shots. Pressure Caps will help improve the effectiveness of any cannon system.

We also sell lifting cups for 2" and 3" barrels. Lifting cups are small paper devices that fully block the circumference of a barrel. They aid in transferring the energy from the escaping gas into the streamers, helping the streamers to gain additional height or distance from the cannon. If your objective is to maximize the height or distance the streamers are shot, then we recommend you use lifting cups.

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® sells black paper tape for use with our Pressure Caps and Cannons. The tape tears free easily to allow the streamers to achieve the desired projection. It is easy to remove when readying the cannons for your next use.

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