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There are many factors to consider regarding large confetti and streamer effects. Using Artistry In Motion, Inc.® proprietary products it is possible to stage virtually any effect imaginable whether it's: 120 BigShot® confetti cannons around the rim of a stadium shooting large stadium streamers; or 50,000 patrons in the stadium throwing Toss-A-Rounds® Confetti packages; or a series of BigBlasters™ showering a Gala Event with celebration confetti! In order to assist in the thought process leading towards the best solution for your event, it is helpful to consider and answer a few questions such as:

  • Is the event indoors or outdoors?
  • Are you looking for a camera shot or a crowd pleaser or both?
  • When in the event do you envision the effect?
  • How long of an effect are you looking for?
  • Is immediate clean up necessary (perhaps at commercial break)?
  • Is the venue contained and therefore clean-up not really an issue, or is it an open space and clean-up is a serious consideration?
  • Material selection is an important consideration and the advantages or disadvantages of Tissue vs. Metallic PVC vs. CleanFree and other materials need to be considered.
  • What is the budget for this effect?
  • When do we need to load in?
  • How will all the logistics be handled?
  • What are the security considerations?
  • Will there be a rehearsal?
  • Is support equipment necessary such as barricades, trusses, staging, etc.?
  • Who will load-in, perform the effect on cue and load out? Will it be event staff, the union, Artistry In Motion, Inc.® or some combination of the above?

We understand what it takes to perfect a confetti special effect. Whether you are trying to fill a stadium with confetti in a Super Bowl type deluge or please a large audience at your local charity event/fund raiser - if you call Artistry In Motion, Inc.® you can count on us to assist you in working though all the considerations. From staging theatrical confetti to highlight a show at a specific moment to creating a concert confetti effect that will intensify the experience of those in attendance, Artistry In Motion, Inc.® has the experience required to help you maximize the effectiveness of any event celebration. Working with you, we have the pedigree to make the big event that much more special with a crowd and camera pleasing celebration.

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