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Confetti special effects for the theater usually focus on one of two objectives: To accentuate a moment/create an ambiance on the stage; or, to interact with the audience. Artistry In Motion, Inc.® has a wealth of experience helping our clients achieve both objectives. Our reliable staff of trained technicians will work with you to help you achieve the precise theatrical confetti effect that you desire.

We have custom designed and installed confetti dispersal systems in theaters around the world - and in cruise ships that travel the globe. Our theatrical experience and confetti expertise enables us to assist you in delivering the exact effect you require for your show.

A great deal of our new products emanate out of our efforts to develop custom confetti equipment for our theatrical clients. Our expertise in materials selection, development and application is unparalleled in the industry. Our equipment experience runs the gamut including design, manufacturing and installation experience with: Cannons of all sizes, blowers, blasters, cradle drops, snow bags and specially designed systems for unique effects.

Check out some of our work on Broadway and other theatrical hits such as: Cirque du Soleil shows worldwide, Spamalot, Wicked, Hairspray, Slava's Snow Show and many more.

Please contact us directly to discuss your upcoming theatrical or show needs. Whether you're looking to work with confetti, streamers or fake snow, we will help you achieve you desired special effect on stage.

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