It has been a busy start to 2021 for Artistry In Motion despite fewer confetti-filled celebrations around the globe due to the Covid pandemic. The AIM team traveled to Miami in early January to take part in the College Football Playoffs celebration.  AIM launched confetti cannons at the championship game at the Hard Rock Stadium […]

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You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Learn about all your confetti needs by clicking on the topics below: Why confetti? What confetti adds to a production, concert, or event is a visual thrill. It fills the air with excitement. It is airborne emotion. It heightens the experience, making it more enjoyable and more memorable. Ask

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Party Confetti

Are you looking to add something extra—and wonderful—to your next celebration? Whether you’re organizing an anniversary, birthday party, or family reunion, Artistry in Motion can provide both the party confetti and the way to deliver it for maximum effect. Artistry in Motion – Party Confetti Shapes, Sizes, and Materials   Party confetti is incredibly versatile.

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Wedding Confetti

What more magical way to celebrate a special event like a wedding than with confetti? As wedding confetti floats through the air or drifts gently on the breeze, set in motion by one of Artistry in Motion’s special confetti launchers, it adds to the sparkle of the occasion and enhances everyone’s enjoyment. Artistry in Motion

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Streamers are one of the most festive ways to celebrate a special event, especially when you use one of our Handheld Confetti Cannons or Big Shots® cannons to launch the streamers above the crowd. Artistry in Motion has a variety of streamers and streamer accessories that are designed to fit the needs of any sized celebration.

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The BigBlaster™

Are you planning an event that will fill a stadium, theatre, or conference hall? If so, you’ll need a system that’s been designed to deliver a reliable and continuous flow of confetti. Artistry in Motion confetti delivery equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A., built to industry standards, and thoroughly tested. Year after year, it will

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The MiniBlaster™

Whether you’re planning an event that will take place in a small, medium, or large venue, you’ll need a system that’s been designed to deliver a reliable and continuous flow of confetti. Artistry In Motion confetti delivery equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A. to industry standards and thoroughly tested. Year after year, it will add

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Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons make it possible to shoot confetti or streamers into the air so that it can slowly descend on a celebrating crowd. Artistry in Motion has several single shot and continuous flow confetti cannons that consumers and businesses can rent or purchase. Artistry In Motion also builds customized confetti machines for site specific installations.

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Biodegradable Confetti

Given today’s environmental concerns, an increasing number of Artistry in Motion customers are interested in keeping their celebrations “green.” In response to this demand, we offer biodegradable confetti products that can be used at events of all types. 100% of our tissue confetti and streamer products are consumer recyclable. 90% of all our tissue confetti

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Artistry In Motion is the industry leader in creating memorable confetti displays for music concerts, sporting events and other large-scale celebrations. Artistry In Motion offers a variety of unique confetti colors, shapes and sizes to fit the specific needs of any event.    Artistry In Motion – Confetti Materials Artistry In Motion makes confetti out

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