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What confetti adds to a production, concert, or event is a visual thrill. It fills the air with excitement. It is airborne emotion. It heightens the experience, making it more enjoyable and more memorable. Ask anyone who’s been to a confetti-filled sports championship or music concert.

It instantly turns the ordinary extraordinary. It says there is something to celebrate. It turns serious adults into awestruck children and sends children into giddy glee. It is very hard to duplicate that feeling with anything other than confetti.

For stadiums, amphitheaters and arenas, you would use a large, continuous flow confetti cannon. We rent and sell the BigBlaster™ and it comes in its own self-contained road case. Using CO2 tanks, it can launch confetti 80 feet or more in the air at a pound per second. An operator’s hand feeds the confetti into a hopper, allowing control of both the flow of the confetti and the mix of product shot into the air.

For slightly smaller venues (theaters, ballrooms, nightclubs, sound stages, TV studios, etc.), we recommend the MiniBlaster™. Also powered by CO2, it is half the size of the BigBlaster™, but still powerful enough to launch confetti 30-50 feet in the air.

In addition to the continuous flow cannons above, we often recommend Big Shots®, which are “single-shot” double-barrel or single barrel cannons. Instead of a continuous flow, they use compressed air to deliver a dramatic burst of confetti and/or streamers. They are fired with the push of a button and can be operated wirelessly, through a lighting board or via electric power. Multiple units can be connected to a control box to allow single or multiple cues. When placed on the floor level or stage deck, they create a fountain effect. When rigged higher up-on a truss, rooftop, or balcony they create a waterfall or cascade effect.

Another fun way to launch confetti or streamers is with either our Reusable Handheld Cannons or our BigBlaster™. These are perfect for close quarters or in a larger venue when several are fired at the same time. The handheld units are powered by small CO2 cartridges. Although these cannons aren’t very large, just a few of them can produce quite a dramatic effect. For productions on the tightest budgets, these are often the perfect solution.

A low-tech, yet effective way to get confetti into the air is to simply toss it by hand. Depending on the color and quantity, hand-tossed confetti can create quite an array of different looks. We package confetti in small individual bags called BigBlaster™, which are perfect for events like weddings and graduations.

Our cannons are surprisingly easy to operate. Our BigBlaster™ and our MiniBlaster™ come within self-contained road cases. To operate these cannons, you just take off the lid, remove the horn from the case and install it in the base of the case using two large pins, hook up the CO2 bottle and open the valve. When you are ready to create your confetti effect, you open a valve on the cannon and feed confetti into the hopper. The entire process takes only a few minutes. When you are through, because the cannons are on wheels, they are easy to move.

The BigBlaster™ is usually powered by two 50 lb. siphoned CO2 tanks. The MiniBlaster™ can be powered by a single 50 lb. CO2 tank (approximately 3 min. blast time) or by a 20 lb. “concession-stand” sized tank (approximately 1 minute blast time). Note: CO2 tanks are not included in the base price of a cannon purchase or rental.

Big Shots® are also simple to use. To operate the Big Shots® you would fill the accumulator tank with air using an air compressor (or compressed air tank), load the cannon barrels with sleeves of product, tape a paper compression cap onto the end of the barrel, plug the cannon(s) into a control unit which is then plugged into an electrical outlet. (Note: the control unit contains a power indicator light-an important safety feature that lets you know you your electrical connection is “live.”) If more than one cannon is used they can be daisy-chained in a series. Then, all you do is wait for your cue and push a button to launch your confetti and/or streamers.

Handheld cannons are perhaps the easiest to use. Simply load a sleeve of confetti and/or streamers into the barrel. Tape on a paper compression cap, screw in a threaded CO2 cartridge, hold the cannon at approximately 45 degrees from the ground, and pull the string that is attached to the firing mechanism. To reload and re-use: remove the spent CO2 cartridge, screw in a fresh cartridge, and repeat the process.

Our Champagne Blast® confetti launcher also uses a threaded CO2 cartridge and is fired with the simple pull of a string.

That depends on a few things: The size of the area and whether the event is indoors or outdoors (ballroom, theatre, arena), the type of dispersal unit (handheld unit, double-barrel or single-barrel electronically fired cannon, continuous flow cannon) and the overall effect desired (gentle sprinkle, blizzard, etc.).

What are the dimensions of your room? What are your ceiling heights? What is your desired coverage area and purpose? Are you attempting to create an eye-catching stage effect or an interactive blast over the entire audience? If the area to be covered is outdoors, how big is it? What type of confetti will you be using- tissue, PVC or CleanFree™?

When it comes to the volume of confetti needed, aesthetics rule. It depends on how much confetti you want falling through the air for how long. “Single-blast” confetti cannons require less confetti than “continuous flow” cannons. Also, some confetti special effects require a light sprinkling of confetti (shapes such as petals or leaves) and some call for a blizzard or deluge (snow).

Different looks require different cannons and confetti shapes. At Artistry In Motion, we feel that if you treat confetti as a special effect and spend a little extra time designing it, the result can be a visual impression that can last a lifetime.

Because we have a wide range of different shapes, you can make highly individualized statements. The most popular confetti shapes are rectangles and squares. Artistry In Motion sells these shapes in a variety of colors and materials, in almost any size the client wishes.

We have over 150 unique die-cut confetti shapes including butterflies, circles, hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs, stars, bells, petals, doves, musical notes, birds, blimps, cars, ovals, leaves, baseball bats & footballs. The list goes on and on!

Occasionally, clients want something even more unique, in that case, we can create new shapes limited only by the imagination of our clients, and the skills of our die makers.

When considering confetti colors, there are several questions to ask. What is the tone or mood of the event/production? Is there an existing color scheme? If it’s an especially classy affair, you might want silver or gold. Corporate celebration? Maybe the company colors. Patriotic theme? That’s easy- pick your country’s colors. Mardi Gras? Green, purple, and gold. Fun and festive? Multi-color. Check out our color selection here.

Although we sell a wide variety of confetti and streamer products, the basic choices are Tissue, Film, or CleanFree™.

Tissue usually stays in the air the longest and is least expensive. Film is more reflective and thus vibrant. The gold and silver Film products (being highly reflective), create a shimmering, magical effect.

CleanFree™ is a unique white tissue product which dissolves when it comes in contact with water and agitated. It is the perfect product for use in an outdoor environment where clean-up is expensive or impossible. Please note that if this product is left on a hard surface and becomes wet, it can cause a slip hazard. It is not recommended for use around a swimming pool or any damp or wet hardscape. Any loose confetti should be cleaned up as soon as possible. If not fully dissolved this product can dry out and bond to surfaces causing a clean-up issue. Re-saturating it does not make it dissolve and wash away. The primary intended use of this product is for an artistic (not deluge) effect over a water source or in a park.

Keep in mind, you can also mix tissue products with metallic to achieve an affordable and visually impressive look. Again, the choice of product material is dependent on the overall effect you want to achieve.

We package confetti in bulk (for continuous flow cannons and some theatrical uses), in sleeves (for barrel loading cannons), and in small, individual bags which we call Toss-A-Rounds®.

All our confetti and streamer tissue products are flame resistant and our Film products are self-extinguishing. This is important, especially in venues where the confetti might be landing on hot lights, or where there are open flames in the room. Our confetti and streamer tissue products are also non-toxic and biodegradable.

Streamers add an extra punch to any celebration. When an event, production, or ceremony calls for a visual exclamation point, streamers are the perfect punctuation! To launch streamers, we have two different methods: Big Shots® and handheld cannons.

Streamers also add a completely different looking visual element. When there are multiple cues in a production and a variety of different looks is critical, streamers are the solution. When combined with confetti, streamers can be especially dramatic. First a “wall of confetti” is fired into the air, then streamers burst through the wall, creating an effect guaranteed to produce a chorus of oohs and aahs!

When a quick clean up is called for, streamers are easy to gather up. We have fired them off on the field in Super Bowl Pre-game Shows and had the field in pristine condition for kickoff only moments later.

Given enough lead time, streamers can also be imprinted (see What is imprinted confetti?) with a special message: “July 4, 2021, Opening Day” “New Product Name-Product Feature” “Congratulations! League Champions” etc. These streamers are scooped up by audience members as keepsakes.

Imprinted confetti is confetti or streamers with writing or images printed on the surface of the product. The messages or logos can be printed on tissue or Film. By adding a written message onto the confetti itself, it adds a whole new dimension to the product. We can imprint logos, support the theme of an event, even turn the confetti, and streamers into keepsake confetti that patrons take home as souvenirs.

We regularly provide our corporate clients with imprinted confetti including their logo and a quick message. Companies use it for new product kickoffs and special celebrations. We have even cut the confetti itself into the shape of a corporate logo!

There are two ways to achieve logos on confetti: imprinting the logo on tissue or metallic material and then cutting that material into confetti or cutting the confetti itself into the shape of the logo.

Depending on the shape and size, it takes two weeks to create a custom-shaped die and the cost is determined by the size, shape and intricacy of the design. Keep in mind the shapes should be something that will be recognizable whether they are upside down or sideways. Also, the shape should be relatively simple.

We can print logos or lettering on the shapes we already have. Imprinted confetti takes approximately three to four weeks from the order date to delivery. Non-imprinted confetti can be shipped almost immediately, depending on the size and shapes of the order.

Another option might be PuffTails™, which are small plush balls with ribbons attached. The ribbons can be imprinted with a message. They look festive flying through the air and are collectible items that your guests will take home.
Theme parks, concert tours, sports events, and a host of other productions and venues around the world are all competing for entertainment dollars. Each is in the business of trying to lure people away from their phones, devices, and televisions, to get them to come to an event of some kind. Confetti raises the level of audience involvement and is interactive fun. It makes a special event even more special and more memorable. It’s not simply something you watch, it’s something you feel.
One of the biggest advantages of buying from Artistry In Motion is the wide range of choices we provide our clients. Since all the confetti is cut to order, clients can mix and match shapes and materials. Depending on the look desired, rectangles and squares can be custom cut in sizes ranging from 0.25 to 5 inches. Most confetti is either tissue or film (usually metallic).

Since all of our confetti is custom cut to order, the price depends on the shape of the confetti, the materials used, the amount ordered, etc. We will be happy to supply a quote based on your specific needs. We are not an off-the-shelf supplier. We are creating a unique special effect for your special event or production. We also have an entire e-commerce line of products for sale which include both standard and customizable products.

Please fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we will respond ASAP! The form supplies us with a few details we need before we talk to you, like the size of your venue, whether it is indoors or outdoors, etc. Supplying us this information before we speak with you saves time and helps us create an accurate quote. If you prefer to give us a call, our phone number is 818.994.7388. Our email address is confetti@artistryinmotion.com.

Some of the information that is helpful to understand so we can provide the best recommendation and cost estimate is the following:

  • Is the event indoors or outdoors?
  • Are you looking for a camera shot or a crowd-pleaser or both?
  • When in the event do you envision the effect?
  • How long of an effect are you looking for?
  • Is immediate clean up necessary (perhaps at commercial break)?
  • Is the venue contained and therefore clean-up not really an issue, or is it an open space and clean-up is a serious consideration?
  • Material selection is an important consideration and the advantages or disadvantages of Tissue vs. Metallic Film vs. CleanFree and other materials need to be considered.
  • What is the budget for this effect?
  • When do we need to load in?
  • How will all the logistics be handled?
  • What are the security considerations?
  • Will there be a rehearsal?
  • Is support equipment necessary such as barricades, trusses, staging, etc.?
  • Who will load-in, perform the effect on cue and load out? Will it be event staff, the union, Artistry In Motion, or some combination of the above?
There are several reasons to buy or rent equipment from Artistry In Motion. We are a production-oriented confetti company. We focus on budgets and know about deadlines, sightlines, and bottom lines. To this day, although there are other companies that do it as a sideline, Artistry In Motion is virtually the only company whose primary goal is providing special effects confetti and confetti cannons to the entertainment and special events industries.
Artistry In Motion fulfills all orders as custom and therefore we do not accept returns.
Yes, Artistry In Motion ships products and equipment all over the world. Please coordinate your international shipment with one of our customer service representatives by calling us at +1.818.994.7388 or emailing us at confetti@artistryinmotion.com.

For our e-commerce store, the normal shipment method is FedEx Ground although we have other expedited options available at checkout.

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