Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons make it possible to shoot confetti or streamers into the air so that it can slowly descend on a celebrating crowd. Artistry in Motion has several single shot and continuous flow confetti cannons that consumers and businesses can rent or purchase. Artistry In Motion also builds customized confetti machines for site specific installations.

Continuous Flow Confetti Cannons

Continuous flow confetti machines provide the ultimate celebratory experience. Some of the continuous flow confetti machines sold by Artistry in Motion include the BigBlaster™, MiniBlaster™, and Silent Storm®. The BigBlaster™ and MiniBlaster™ confetti cannons use CO2 to force confetti into the air in a continuous stream. The Silent Storm® uses an electric fan to create the continuous flow of confetti.

The BigBlaster™ can launch up to one pound of confetti 80 feet into the air. It is the largest continuous flow confetti cannon sold by Artistry in Motion. This confetti machine can operate for one minute without reloading or recharging.

The MiniBlaster™ is a smaller version of the BigBlaster™, but it still offers exceptional performance. This machine can continuously launch half a pound of confetti up to 50 feet for 45 to 60 seconds straight. The MiniBlaster™ also weighs about half as much as the BigBlaster™, so it offers more mobility and ease of use.

The Silent Storm® needs to be rigged above the stage or audience. It can disperse up to 1 pound per minute of confetti, and can operate for up to ten minutes without reloading.

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Single Shot Confetti Cannons

Artistry in Motion also has single shot and handheld confetti cannons. The Big Shots® is a single-shot confetti cannon that launches confetti up to 50 feet in the air. This 50-pound confetti launcher can also be used to shoot streamers.

The Reusable Handheld Confetti cannon can shoot confetti up to 40 feet. It uses 16-gram CO2 cartridges so the user can launch shot after shot of confetti or streamers. Artistry in Motion also sells a disposable version of the handheld confetti cannon. These easy-to-carry items will launch a single shot of confetti up to 35 feet, making it a great party gift to get guests involved in the celebration.

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Confetti Cannon Rental Services

Since some businesses and event planners may only need confetti machines on rare occasions, Artistry in Motion offers rental services. This service can help you make the most of your event without spending a lot of money purchasing your own confetti launchers. If you plan to use confetti cannons often, though, you can save money by purchasing a continuous flow or single shot confetti cannon.

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