Disposable Handheld Cannon

Manually Operated, Easy to Use
  • The Disposable Handheld Cannon is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge (included)
  • Can shoot either confetti or streamers 
  • Perfect for weddings, parties or other special events
  • Single Use
Weight 1.75 oz.
Size 15.50" Long x 1.125" Diameter
Output Size 0.92" I.D.
Control Manual
Shipping Method UPS / FedEx / Any Freight Company
Shipping Container Cardboard Boxes
CO2 1 - 12 Gram Non-Threaded Cylinder
Type of Confetti Rectangles / Squares and Streamers
Operator Required Yes
Duration of Effect Single Shot
Confetti Height 30-35 Feet
Streamer Height 40-50 Feet
Effects Single Shot
Truss Mountable No
Custom Installation No

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