It has been a busy start to 2021 for Artistry In Motion despite fewer confetti-filled celebrations around the globe due to the Covid pandemic. The AIM team traveled to Miami in early January to take part in the College Football Playoffs celebration.  AIM launched confetti cannons at the championship game at the Hard Rock Stadium presenting three separate confetti effects – 1) Big Blasters shot tissue confetti in University of Alabama’s winning team colors; 2) Big Blasters also shot custom imprinted football-shaped tissue (recyclable and biodegradable) for the championship trophy presentation; and 3) Big Shots cannons launched NCAA-colored metallic streamers during the trophy presentation to take the celebration over the top! AIM was impressed with the Covid protocols that the NCAA implemented and felt extremely safe and protected during our visit to South Florida. 

The AIM team was back on the road in early February for the Super Bowl celebration in Tampa, FL. Once again, AIM adhered to the strict Covid protocols put in place by the NFL and was successful in deploying confetti and streamers to highlight the games celebration. AIM utilized a similar game plan for the Super Bowl building off the successful experience in Miami at the CFP. AIM once again presented three separate effects – 1) Big Blasters shot tissue confetti in the Buccaneers’ winning team colors from the sidelines at games end;  2) Specialty die cut trophy-shaped tissue confetti for the trophy presentation to the owner, coach and MVP; and 3) AIM then used their Big Shots cannons to launch two shots of metallic streamers during the trophy presentation for that extra wow factor every Championship win deserves.  For the second year in a row, AIM worked closely with the NFL team (link to Forbes article here) to collect and print confetti tweets’ from fans and players which were mixed into the winning team’s final whistle confetti. There were messages of thanks to frontline workers and predictions on the final outcome, including Tom Brady’s personal message, a simple tweet: “W” which ultimately came true.  

Check out this article on the tweets…

AIM was grateful to be part of both big games and looks forward to more and more events around the country and world as we recover from the pandemic. Stay tuned here for more updates!

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