The MiniBlaster™

Whether you’re planning an event that will take place in a small, medium, or large venue, you’ll need a system that’s been designed to deliver a reliable and continuous flow of confetti. Artistry In Motion confetti delivery equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A. to industry standards and thoroughly tested. Year after year, it will add to the excitement of your events with its ability to create dramatic displays of confetti of all shapes and sizes.


Artistry in Motion – The MiniBlaster™ Continuous Flow Confetti Machine

A highly popular continuous flow confetti machine, the MiniBlaster is a smaller version of the Artistry In Motion BigBlaster. Weighing in at only 66 pounds, the MiniBlaster can deliver half a pound of confetti per second a distance of 50 feet for up to a minute. This capability makes it perfect for small to mid-size indoor or outdoor venues.

Measuring a little more than 1.5 feet long, 10” wide, and less than 4 feet tall, this sleek wheeled unit is easy to handle. The MiniBlaster is powered by one 20-pound CO2 siphoned tanks and requires no electricity to operate. This feature makes it particularly useful for outdoor venues, where electrical outlets can be inconveniently located and mobility is important. The MiniBlaster does not require custom installation. Simply attach a CO2 tank and begin to use the unit immediately.

The MiniBlaster is versatile and flexible. It can launch—in bulk—confetti of all types and sizes including rectangles, squares, “pixie” dust, and custom die-cut shapes.

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