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Confetti is made up of small pieces of material ranging from 0.25" squares to large sheets of material dropped to create dramatic visual effects. Confetti is typically in the 1" to 3" size range; however, we have created confetti much larger and much smaller to fit our customer's requirements. Confetti effects can be created using any of our confetti cannons, including both the continuous flow cannons and the single shot cannons. Confetti can also be used by hand dropping it over a stage or audience, or by utilizing a "Snow Bag" or cradle drop. The choice of equipment used depends on the type of an effect you want to create, as well as the physical limitations of the space you are working in. Confetti

Confetti Shapes and Sizes

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® manufactures five distinct categories of confetti: Rectangles, Squares, Die Cut Shapes, Special Cuts, and Imprinted Confetti.  Rectangles are our most popular confetti shape.  Rectangles are popular because they float in the air longer than other shapes.  Our “standard” rectangle measures 0.75” x 2”.  These, and all other rectangles, stay in the air for long periods of time because, when they begin to fall, they go into a slow roll along their longitudinal axis.  In contrast, squares tend to tumble as they fall, darting about creating a very different feel as they descend.  White tissue .75 ” squares make an excellent snow effect when dropped from a snow bag or cradle drop over a theater stage.  The .75” size is just the right size to read as soft falling snow from the seats of a Broadway theater.  Die cut shapes each have their own special look and feel as they fall.  The larger sizes, leaves and bats, for example, are very realistic as they swirl through the air or are blown across a stage. Circles, on the other hand, are symmetric and fall in a much more controlled fashion.  Artistry In Motion, Inc.® maintains a large selection of tooling to make die cut confetti.  If we don’t have the shape our customer requires, we can generally tool a new shape in 5 business days.  We manufacture other special cuts of confetti including; Twisters™, Rain, and 3-D Confetti™, which are all designed to mimic their names.Confetti Shapes and Sizes

Imprinted Confetti

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® manufactures a variety of imprinted confetti. We are able to print on both tissue, and on metallic PVC. Imprinted confetti can be cut into rectangles, squares, or die cut shapes. Corporate logos that are too complex to be die cut can always be created in imprinted confetti. The lead time for imprinted confetti varies from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the job.Imprinted Confetti

Confetti Accessories

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® sells a number of accessory products that aid in the effective use of our confetti products. These accessories include CO2 cartridges for our handheld cannons, pressure caps for all of our cannons, lifting cups, and tape.

We sell two types of CO2 cartridges. Our Reusable Handheld Cannon requires a 16 Gram threaded CO2 cartridge. Our Disposable Handheld Cannon uses a 12 gram non-threaded CO2 cartridge. Both options are great for wedding confetti or other events that require handheld delivery systems.

We highly recommend the use of our pressure caps for all cannons. We sell pressure caps for 1", 2" and 3" barrels. After confetti or streamers are loaded into a barrel, a pressure cap is taped to the end of the barrel using our black tape. The cap and tape create an airtight seal. When the cannon is fired, the pressure inside the barrel builds until the cap or tape bursts, releasing the confetti or streamers. The use of the pressure caps prevents the gas from blowing by the confetti or streamers and helps the load to be expelled completely and compactly. Pressure Caps will help improve the effectiveness of any cannon system.

We also sell lifting cups for 2" and 3" barrels. Lifting cups are small paper devices that fully block the circumference of a barrel. They aid in transferring the energy from the escaping gas into the confetti, helping the confetti gain additional height or distance from the cannon. If your objective is to maximize the height or distance the confetti is shot, then we recommend you use lifting cups.

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® sells black paper tape for use with our Pressure Caps and Cannons. The tape tears free easily to allow confetti or streamers to achieve the desired projection, and it is easy to remove when readying the cannons for your next use.Confetti Accessories

Order Speciality Confetti Products

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® sells a number of specialty confetti products that help achieve unique special effects, add a collectable item to an event or brand it with your corporate logo or message.  For more information on these products, please contact a sales representative at 818-994-7388 or email us. Some of these products include:

Snow-Cut Confetti

Custom sized confetti that provides a striking snow-like appearance while falling through the air. Perfect for theatrical or club use.

Snow-Cut Confetti


Specially designed confetti shapes create a dancing, twisting motion through the air!  Great in Tissue or Metallic PVC.



Metallic PVC confetti specifically cut to resemble rain as it falls through the air.


3-D Confetti™

Various three dimensional confetti shapes specifically designed to enhance movement and hang-time dramatically.

3D Confetti

Confoami™ Collectible Confetti

Made from thin, lightweight foam - it's an instant take-home souvenir! (Fans and children become part of the clean-up crew!) Available in any of our custom die cut shapes.

Confoami Collectable Confetti

SkyWords® Confetti

Confetti shapes are imprinted with your logo or message to commemorate a special event or date.

Skywords Confetti

CleanFree™ Confetti

An amazing, dissolvable rice paper confetti that disappears in water. Perfect for outdoor events near water or when clean up is too expensive or difficult - such as on a golf course. Just turn on the sprinklers and watch the confetti disappear. Please Note: CleanFree™ confetti is not flame resistant (FR) treated. In most cases, this is not an issue as the product is best suited for outdoor use

Cleanfree Confetti


Artificial snow or faux snow made of PVC, which looks so realistic in display, you'll be amazed. Perfect for fake snow set design or window dressing.

Faux Snow

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