Blast Off!

The BigBlaster™ is our largest continuous flow confetti machine. Using CO2 as the energy source, the BigBlaster™ projects confetti up to 110 feet or more and can fill a conference hall, theatre or stadium with a deluge of confetti for a full minute or longer.

Weight 114 Lbs.
Size 25” L X 14.25” W X 53.5” H
Power Source No Power Needed
Fittings CGA 320 to Tank
Output 6" I.D. Venturi
Support Equipment Hand Trucks / CO2 Tool Kit / Ratchet Straps
Control Manual
Shipping Method Any Freight Company
Shipping Container Integrated ATA Road Case
CO2 2 - 50 Lb. Tanks
Type of Confetti Rectangles, Squares and Custom Die Cuts
Operator Required Yes
Duration of Effect 1 Minute of Continuous Flow
Max. Confetti 0.5 lbs./sec.
Confetti Height 110 Feet
Effects Continuous Flow / Variable Speed
Truss Mountable No
Custom Installation Yes

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