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A Brief History

Artistry In Motion, Inc.® was established in 1994 with the primary objective of filling the custom streamer and confetti special effects needs of the entertainment industry. Realizing the need for a professional, show-based, production-orientated product and service company, Artistry In Motion, Inc.® set about developing the skills and product depth necessary to respond to any confetti or streamer special effect request to help the show designer, art director or group manager wow the camera or crowd. Having the ability to respond instantly for any custom confetti effect, large or small, helped propel Artistry In Motion, Inc.® into a myriad of other industries which we now serve. Artistry In Motion, Inc.® emerged in the late 1990's as the industry leader and retains that position today as the world-wide leader in the design and performance of every conceivable confetti special effect and the development of industry-best delivery systems for confetti and streamers.

Artistry In Motion Cart Company

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