Concerts & Theatrical Effects

Touring Events

Artistry In Motion has a wealth of experience in dealing with headline and opening acts in virtually every touring event imaginable, including concerts, Circus Shows, touring theatrical shows, children’s shows, music festivals, as well as, political campaigns and others. Our in-depth confetti special effects experience allows us to plan around any potential showstoppers before they occur. In the event that something out of our control poses an issue, we have the breadth and reach to find instant solutions.

In order to meet the specific needs of the touring industry, all our delivery equipment (Cannons, Blowers, Storms, etc.) have been specifically designed to withstand the rigors of being out on tour for years. To that end, most of our equipment has been designed within the confines of an ATA road case, or we have a specific road case to handle any cannons or miscellaneous items.

Whether your tour is U.S. based or worldwide, you can count on Artistry In Motion to deliver precisely the effect you desire, at the venue dictated and at the precise cue time. No other confetti company understands what it takes to get the job done – whether it’s clearing customs at an obscure international location or understanding the peculiarities of a specific venue, we have the expertise to assist in the success of your show.

Fixed Locations

Artistry In Motion is extremely adept at providing confetti special effects for concert or theatrical events at fixed locations such as a Broadway theater, arena, theme park stage or a resident show at a Hotel or Casino; even mobile theatres such as worldwide cruise lines. We will typically focus on one of two objectives: to accentuate a moment/create an ambiance on the stage; or to interact with the audience, all within the confines of our client’s vision or our joint objective. Artistry In Motion has a wealth of experience helping our clients achieve both objectives. Our reliable staff of trained technicians will help you achieve the precise theatrical confetti effect desired. We routinely design and install custom SPFX confetti/streamer equipment to meet the needs of our clients and the specific environment.

We have custom-designed and installed confetti dispersal systems in theaters around the world, and on cruise ships that travel the globe. Our theatrical experience and confetti expertise allows us to create elegant solutions to all the delivery system needs.
Many of our new products emanate from our efforts to develop custom confetti equipment for our theatrical clients. Our expertise in materials selection, development and application is unparalleled in the industry.


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