Streamers are long, thin strips of material which are typically fired from one of our streamer cannons, either the Big Shots® Cannon, the Champagne Blast®, the Reusable Handheld Cannon or the Disposable Handheld Cannon. These cannons can be positioned well above an audience or stage, creating a “waterfall” effect with the streamers, or they can be positioned on the ground, creating a fountain effect. Either way, streamers can be used to create a spectacular visual effect, accentuating a special moment in your show. When a quick and easy clean-up is required, streamers are a logical first choice.

Let Artistry In Motion assist you in selecting the appropriate streamer to create your desired effects. 

Streamer Options:

  • Color – over 60 colors to choose from
  • Material – paper, metallic and non-metallic film,  CleanFree, Day Glo
  • Size – many size possibilities for both width and length of the streamer
  • Custom Products Available

Artistry In Motion is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of all types of confetti and streamers. We manufacture all of our confetti and streamer products at our factory in Northridge, California. All of our products, unless otherwise noted, are flame-resistant (FR) and are appropriate for use on a stage, arena, outdoors or in a theater.

Streamer Sizes

0.5″ or 1″ wide streamers by 18 feet in length.
Custom width and length streamers, tailored to your special event
Generally, larger venues require wider streamers to make the streamers more visible for the audience.
Streamer Types
Single Rolled

One strip of tissue or film tightly wound into speed-load sleeves

Double Rolled

Two streamers (one metallic film/one white tissue is our standard configuration) rolled together


Specialty streamers with a client’s name or logo​

Streamers with Bubbles

Standard streamer with small wisps of ‘bubbles’ in the form of curlicue tissue falls to the stage or ground as unfurled.

Strip Streamers

Small streamer strips that unfurl in a sequential manner adding an exciting dimension to a streamer shot.

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