We Bring Artistic Visions to Life

We help transform any event into a lasting memory!

Established in 1994 with the primary objective of filling the custom streamer and confetti special effects needs of the entertainment industry, our team at Artistry In Motion has made a name for ourselves by understanding the visions of our clients and helping to bring those visions to life. The creative team at Artistry In Motion has developed the skills and product depth necessary to respond to any confetti or streamer special effect request. With decades of experience, we help show designers, art directors and event planners for events and shows of all sizes, deliver the crowd and camera pleasing moment precisely on-time and precisely as envisioned. We take pride in knowing our clients trust us with all their SPFX Confetti, Streamer and Equipment needs and insist on our participation throughout the creative process as well as the delivery of the special moment.

At Artistry In Motion, our
objectives for any event are to:

The Industry Leader

Leading the way worldwide in the design, performance and delivery of SPFX Confetti and Streamer Effects.
Located in Los Angeles, all operations (sales, manufacturing, production, accounting, etc.) are housed within our 15,000 square feet facility. Our overall business approach of in-house custom manufacture of each order, complete control of the US-based supply chain and a full menu of support activities allows us to bring you:

Client Inspired Innovations

Having the ability to respond instantly to any custom confetti effect need, large or small, has helped propel us into the industry leader that we are today. From designing custom stage cannons and props to covering an entire theatre audience with an artistic (or deluge) snow effect, our ever-expanding products and capabilities are borne from the imaginations of the creative clients that we serve. If you have a specific vision, our experienced sales staff has the expertise required to help you bring that vision to life.

We BeLieve That:

Our best innovations are borne from providing solutions to client's needs.

Our unique customer service approach is what sets us apart from every other company in the industry.

If you can dream it, we can help bring it to life.

Let Artistry In Motion help bring your artistic vision to life!

Show Staffing and Turnkey Solutions

Ensuring flawless execution

Artistry In Motion offers a wide range of turnkey solutions and event/show staffing options. Each is tailored to meet the needs of our client or event. Our trained technicians are here to guide you through every step of the decision process, as well as, provide the actual services needed. From evaluation to execution we make sure you have an approach that meets the needs of the event or show. Whether you need staff resources for a day or your entire event run, we have a solution to help! Our staff and training options include:

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