Confetti means “small sweets” in Italian and has a rich history dating back to ancient times for celebration of special occasions. Artistry In Motion has developed a modern version of confetti to celebrate big and small moments.

Confetti is made up of small pieces of material ranging from 0.25″ squares to large sheets of material dropped or launched to create dramatic visual effects. Confetti is typically in the 1″ to 3″ size range; however, we have created confetti much larger and much smaller to fit our customer’s requirements.

Let Artistry In Motion assist you in selecting the appropriate confetti to create your desired effects. 

Confetti options include:

  • Color – over 60 colors to choose from
  • Material – paper, metallic and non-metallic film, Technoflek, CleanFree, Day Glo
  • Shape – hundreds of shape options
  • Size – numerous size possibilities
  • Custom Products Available

Artistry In Motion is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of all types of confetti and streamers. We manufacture all of our confetti and streamer products at our factory in Northridge, California. All of our products, unless otherwise noted, are flame-resistant (FR) and are appropriate for use on a stage, theater, arena or outdoors.

Specialty Confetti Products
Artistry In Motion sells several specialty confetti products that help achieve unique special effects, add a collectible item to an event, or brand it with your corporate logo or message. For more information on these products, please contact a customer support representative at 818.994.7388 or email us.
Snow-Cut Confetti
Custom-sized confetti that provides a striking snow-like appearance while falling through the air. Perfect for theatrical or club use.

Specially designed confetti shapes create a dancing, twisting motion through the air! Great in Tissue or Metallic Film.


Metallic Film confetti specifically cut to resemble rain as it falls gently through the air.

3-D Confetti™

Various three-dimensional confetti shapes designed to enhance movement and hang-time dramatically.

SkyWords® Confetti

Confetti shapes imprinted with your logo or message to commemorate a special event or date.

CleanFree™ Confetti

A dissolvable cellulose-based confetti that disappears in water with agitation. Perfect for outdoor events near water or when clean-up is too expensive or difficult. Please note that this product is not FR treated.


Artificial snow made of film, which looks so realistic on display, you’ll be amazed. Perfect for fake snow set design or window dressing.

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