Artistry In Motion manufactures Confetti in three materials: Tissue, Film, and CleanFree™.

Tissue Based Materials

Flame Resistant | Biodegradable | Environmentally Friendly | Lightweight with a Long Float Time!

Standard Tissue
Day Glow Tissue MOD
Day Glo Tissue

Dyed and coated for luminescent effect when exposed to black (UV) light.

Our tissue confetti is made of biodegradable tissue that has been treated to be flame resistant. We manufacture our tissue products from sources using approximately 90% recycled content. While we work to ensure that our tissue products remain color fast, we cannot guarantee that tissue will remain color fast under all circumstances. Tissue is the lightest of the materials we use to make confetti, and therefore, tissue confetti will, all other things being equal; remain in the air for a longer period of time than will other materials.

Please note that the Tissue confetti is not waterproof or colorfast and needs to be cleaned up immediately after coming into contact with water or solvents.

Film Based Materials

Flame Resistant | Colorfast Coatings | Four Variations of Treatment
Dyed and coated with a metal to become highly reflective

Metallic film which has been embossed to create dimples and ridges in the material with easy clean up.

Day Glo
Dyed and coated for luminescent effect when exposed to black (UV) light.
Dyed, translucent product which shows off vibrant, shiny colors without the Metallic content


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Dissolves in Water

CleanFree™ is a material created from cellulose that dissolves when exposed to water. It is the perfect material for use in environmentally sensitive outdoor venues where clean up is either impossible, or very expensive. CleanFree™ is not FR treated. Note: CleanFree™ dissolves when fully immersed and agitated  in water.  If this product is left on a hard surface and becomes wet, it can cause a slip hazard.  It is not recommended for use around a swimming pool or any damp or wet hardscape.  Any loose confetti should be cleaned up as soon as possible.  If not fully dissolved this product can dry out and bond to surfaces causing a clean-up issue.  Re-saturating it does not make it dissolve and wash away.  The primary intended use of this product is for an artistic (not deluge) effect over a water source or in a park.

Artistry In Motion stocks a wide variety of colors for each of the materials we use to create confetti and streamers. For long-running shows, or for uses that require large volumes of products and have sufficient lead-time, we are happy to special order colors to meet our customer’s specific needs.

67 standard color/material combinations to choose from our in inventory selection!

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