Imprinted Confetti

Artistry In Motion manufactures a variety of imprinted confetti which adds a distinctive touch to any celebration. 

  • Ability to print on both tissue and metallic film
  • Rectangles, squares, or die-cut shape options 
  • Corporate logos
  • 3-4 week lead time 
Color Imprinting

Artistry In Motion offers custom imprinted confetti in a range from one to four colors. White is the base layer and does not count as a color. Examples shown of our one and four color printing.

Die Cuts
Artistry In Motion has over 125 specialized die cut designs in our library and can also produce your unique logo or specialty die selection upon request with a 2 week lead time. In general, our custom dies range in size from about 1.5″ in height and/or width to approximately 10″ or more. No matter what size of a custom confetti shape you choose, our proprietary line of equipment has the capability to deliver the desired effect.

Artistry In Motion offers 23 basic geometric shapes to choose from in our standard selections. Octagons, Triangles, Stars, Hearts, Circles, Ovals and More!

Custom Imprinted Streamers
We have the ability to develop tissue or metallic streamers with your message, logo or name on the products.
Spot Printing

Using our “spot printing” techniques, we are able to print a client supplied (or jointly developed) image, logo or design element centered on each piece of confetti.

Wallpaper Printing
Wallpaper printing is printing in a repeated printing process just as you would notice if you looked at standard wallpaper. In this process the chosen image, logo or design repeats in a sequential pattern. As a result, whole and partial images are possible as there is no defined border. However, this process generally has a lower cost basis.

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