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Artistry in Motion, Inc. ® offers a large selection of proprietary confetti and streamer products along with the equipment needed to create virtually any confetti or streamer effect. Our industry-standard equipment is innovative and reliable. Each streamer and confetti machine that we produce is manufactured for long-term use. Our wholesale confetti and streamer products are produced in the U.S., and each product is custom manufactured to achieve the effect desired by each client. You can be certain that every effect will have the exact color, shape, material and mixture required to create a custom confetti or streamer celebration for any occasion. We offer proprietary custom products like water-soluble Clean Free™ confetti, custom die cut shapes, custom foam products and much more. U.S. patents and copyrights protect a vast majority of our confetti and streamer products and equipment.

Artistry in Motion, Inc. ® has an immense product line designed to help each client achieve the precise confetti or streamer celebration required for any event. Our robust product line includes biodegradable Clean Free™ confetti and streamers, specialty die cut shapes, Technoflek™ confetti, SkyWords™ imprinted confetti, double rolled streamers and custom-made streamer and confetti orders. Our proprietary line of confetti and streamer cannon delivery systems includes the BigBlaster™, MiniBlaster™, BigShots® Cannons, two sizes of the Silent Storm®, and Champagne Blast®. These branded equipment options combined with our one-of-a-kind confetti and streamer product line create a reliable system that can produce one-of-a-kind effects for celebrations of any size.

Our services are as comprehensive and customizable as our product line. Artistry in Motion, Inc. ® works with clients to develop custom effects, custom equipment and custom installations. We also offer show staffing at virtually any venue on the planet. Our trained technicians can serve as on-site staff members to ensure that your confetti or streamer effect is executed exactly how you envisioned. We can also offer a complete turnkey service that will allow you to perform every aspect of your confetti or streamer effect all on your own.

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