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Artistry In Motion, Inc.® has assembled a staff of professionals with a broad base of experience. With over 20 full time employees, we have extensive experience in all confetti/streamer special effects applied to the following major market segments: Theatrical Events, Music Industry, Sporting Events, Theme Parks, Ocean Going Vessel Based Entertainment, Corporate Events, Televisions Shows, Awards Shows, Major Motion Pictures and many more. Our field technical services staff involves more than 100 show professionals ready to assist with any project worldwide. Our unparalleled technical experience in special effect confetti combined with our depth, product knowledge and experience with confetti shows makes Artistry In Motion, Inc.® the logical choice for your show staffing or technical support needs.

Our understanding of the elements involved with every conceivable confetti special effect and projection device enables us to assist our clients with effect perfection as a standard course of business.

From custom confetti options and equipment to a wide range of wholesale streamers (including metallic, biodegradable and paper streamers), Artistry in Motion is the industry leader in large-scale confetti and streamer products and special effects management.

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