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Party Confetti

Are you looking to add something extra—and wonderful—to your next celebration? Whether you’re organizing an anniversary, birthday party, or family reunion, Artistry in Motion can provide both the party confetti and the way to deliver it for maximum effect.

Artistry in Motion – Party Confetti Shapes, Sizes, and Materials

Party confetti is incredibly versatile. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. There’s bound to be a winning combination for any event you have in mind.

“Standard” rectangular confetti measures 0.75” x 2.” It stays in the air longer than any other shape and floats gently. Other shapes may tumble and dart as they fall, creating a different, but equally beautiful, effect.  

Instead of rectangular party confetti, many clients choose die-cut shapes. Artistry in Motion offers fun, inventive designs, such as blimps, high-heeled shoes, and cowboy hats. We can also custom-cut a design to your specifications and create finished products in almost any material in two weeks or less.

Party confetti can be made in an almost unlimited range of materials. Artistry in Motion uses biodegradable tissue, PVC, and a plant starch-based material called CleanFree™.

Our tissue confetti is flame resistant and consists of approximately 90% recycled content. It is 100% recyclable and comes in many different colors. Like our tissue party confetti, our PVC confetti is flame-resistant and color-fast, adding excitement through four different finishes. Non-metallic PVC is translucent and vibrantly colored. Metallic PVC is opaque and shiny. Technoflek™ PVC has a highly reflective, textured surface and, with its flat surface, is easy to clean up after. Day Glo PVC becomes luminescent when exposed to black light and adds an exotic feel to any party. Our CleanFree confetti dissolves in water, making it both environmentally-friendly and easy to remove. All that’s required is a quick hose-down or a little rain.

Artistry in Motion - Launching Party Confetti

Even a small event can benefit from professionally-launched confetti. Built to industry standards, Artistry in Motion confetti dispersal equipment can deliver a continuous flow of confetti or a single blast.

Particularly popular are our Reusable and Disposable Hand-Held Cannons and our Champagne Blast®. Powered by 12- or 16-gram non-threaded CO2 cartridges, these units have the range to deliver a beautiful display.

If you decide not to use a launcher but still want a great, festive effect on a tight budget, our Toss-A-Rounds® are a perfect solution. We package any of our confetti products in clear plastic zip-sealed bags, making it easy for everyone to join in the fun. And if you want to jazz up invitations or post-event notes, or just dress up a table, our bulk confetti is a great way to go.

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