Biodegradable Confetti

Given today’s environmental concerns, an increasing number of Artistry in Motion customers are interested in keeping their celebrations “green.” In response to this demand, we offer biodegradable confetti products that can be used at events of all types. 100% of our tissue confetti and streamer products are consumer recyclable. 90% of all our tissue confetti and streamer products come from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials and is FR (Flame Retardant) treated.

Artistry in Motion – CleanFree™ Biodegradable Confetti

Artistry in Motion CleanFree biodegradable confetti is made of a unique starch that breaks down completely when exposed to water. It is ideal for use in outdoor venues when clean up is either difficult or extremely expensive.

All that is required to remove CleanFree biodegradable confetti is a stream of water—or a little rain. CleanFree is particularly popular with municipalities and other organizations with outdoor venues, because if some is left behind by the custodial crew, or blown away by the wind, it quickly dissolves in nature.

CleanFree™ comes only in white, making it suitable for weddings, birthday celebrations, and parties held outdoors. It is available in the standard rectangular shape and can also be used in die-cut or custom designs, and as streamers.

CleanFree biodegradable confetti is not treated with a fire-retardant, but is naturally flame resistant.

Note: CleanFree dissolves when fully immersed and agitated  in water.  If this product is left on a hard surface and becomes wet, it can cause a slip hazard.  It is not recommended for use around a swimming pool or any damp or wet hardscape.  Any loose confetti should be cleaned up as soon as possible.  If not fully dissolved this product can dry out and bond to surfaces causing a clean-up issue.  Re-saturating it does not make it dissolve and wash away.  The primary intended use of this product is for an artistic (not deluge) effect over a water source or in a park or similar.

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