Wedding Confetti

What more magical way to celebrate a special event like a wedding than with confetti? As wedding confetti floats through the air or drifts gently on the breeze, set in motion by one of Artistry in Motion’s special confetti launchers, it adds to the sparkle of the occasion and enhances everyone’s enjoyment.

Artistry in Motion – Wedding Confetti Shapes, Sizes, and Materials

“Standard” rectangular confetti measures 0.75” x 2” and tends to stay in the air longer than other shapes—going into a slow roll along its longitudinal axis as it falls. Other shapes may tumble and dart as they fall, creating a very different, but equally beautiful effect.

Instead of the conventional rectangular shape, many of our clients order die-cut wedding confetti, which typically measures about 1.5” square. Artistry in Motion has a “library” of fun, inventive designs, including rose petals, hearts, doves, and butterflies, which have proven to be best-sellers. We can also custom-cut a design and, with our proprietary equipment, create and deliver a unique shape in almost any material in two weeks or less.

The range of materials that can be used to make wedding confetti is almost unlimited. Artistry in Motion makes confetti from biodegradable tissue, film, and a starch-based material called CleanFree™.

Our tissue confetti is treated to be flame resistant and is made of approximately 90% recycled content. It is 100% recyclable and comes in a wide variety of colors. Because it is the lightest of confetti materials, it typically stays in the air the longest. Like our tissue wedding confetti, our film confetti is flame-resistant and color-fast. film confetti adds interest and excitement through four different finishes. Non-metallic film is shiny, translucent, and vibrantly colored. Metallic film is opaque and highly reflective. Technoflek™ film has a highly reflective, textured surface and, with its textured surface, is easy to clean up after. Day Glo film becomes luminescent when exposed to black light and can add an exotic feel to a wedding celebration.

Finally, our CleanFree™ confetti dissolves in exposure to water, making it perfect for outdoor weddings. This environmentally-friendly material is easy to remove. All that’s required is a quick hose-down or a little rain.

Note: CleanFree™ dissolves when fully immersed and agitated  in water.  If this product is left on a hard surface and becomes wet, it can cause a slip hazard.  It is not recommended for use around a swimming pool or any damp or wet hardscape.  Any loose confetti should be cleaned up as soon as possible.  If not fully dissolved this product can dry out and bond to surfaces causing a clean-up issue.  Re-saturating it does not make it dissolve and wash away.  The primary intended use of this product is for an artistic (not deluge) effect over a water source or in a park or similar.

Artistry in Motion – CO2 Launchers for Wedding Confetti

Even a relatively small wedding can benefit from professionally-launched confetti. Built to industry standards and tested thoroughly, Artistry in Motion confetti dispersal equipment can deliver a continuous flow of confetti or a single blast.

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